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Artifacts trio at Vision Festival Jazz Festival 22

The 22nd annual Vision Festival presents the world’s premier talents in Free Jazz music, dance, poetry, and visual art. Arts for Art is proud to honor multi-instrumentalist Cooper-Moore with a Lifetime Achievement Award for his uncompromising artistic vision over the past four decades.

The festival kicks off with an evening of social-political and music films at Anthology Film Archives, followed by 6 nights of music, dance, poetry, visual art, and community at Judson Memorial Church. 
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Thursday June 1
9 to 5: Conference at Columbia University: the Sound of Resistance

7 Odean Pope Saxophone Choir
Odean Pope - solo tenor / Gene Ghee - 1st tenor
Terry Lawson - 2nd tenor / Julian Pressley - 1st alto
Louis Taylor - 2nd alto / Robert Landham - 3rd alto
Joe Sudler - baritone / Lee Smith - bass / Tom Lawton - piano
Craig McIver - drums

8 Djassi DaCosta Johnson - dance / Shayna Dulberger - bass

8:30 Darius Jones & Farmers by Nature
Gerald Cleaver – comp. drums / William Parker – bass
Craig Taborn – piano / Darius Jones – sax

9:30 Jesus Papoleto Melendez - poet

10 Artifacts Trio
Tomeka Reid – cello / Nicole Mitchell – flute
Mike Reed - drums